16 May 2010

Celebrities Against Airbrushing

Reveal magazine recently published an article on celebrity airbrushing. The piece revealed that Britney Spears has taken a stand against false advertising and has demanded that the original images from her latest Candies for Kohl's campaign are released alongside the enhanced versions. The images show two sets of before and after pictures of the star in a pink bikini, which highlights the dramatic changes airbrushing can make. Almost everything in the airbrushed pictures has been changed from the originals. Britney's arms, hips, waist and bum look a lot firmer and smaller. The bruises on her legs are gone, as is the dry skin on her feet. Even her legs look longer and leaner. Britney is said to be "proud of her body - imperfections and everything."

Its really refreshing to see a celebrity for how they really are and not some airbrushed lie. I wonder how many other celebrities would dare to ditch the airbrush.

Others that have said no to airbrushing are TV presenter Lorraine Kelly, actress Kate Winslet and recently Madonna has also jumped on the band wagon.

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